Castles, Kings and Queens! – Slow Down with Munich’s Walking Tour

08 Jun Castles, Kings and Queens! – Slow Down with Munich’s Walking Tour

Put on you comfy shoes and go on one of Munich’s Walking Tours through the historic city center. You’ll pass the Viktualienmarkt where it’s going to be hard to resist the delicious gourmet food stands. If you want to try a Bavarian specialty try the organic roasted ox meat at Kleiner Ochs’nbrater.

It can be hard to find a non-cheesy souvenir when you’re traveling to big cities. At Manufactum you can still find the good things. Artisan goods for home and garden as well as a great variety of breads and cheeses. Pricier souvenirs can be found at Roeckl’s glove manufacturer. The brand was founded over 170 years ago and only uses the finest materials to create beautiful gloves in the traditional way.


Munich’s trams function as perfect sightseeing transportation. Take the tram going west and have a Engadiner Würfel, a walnut pastry named after the Alpine Swiss region, at the Glyptothek Café, one of Munich’s most quiet and peaceful spots. Heading farther west you will end up in the neighborhood Nymphenburg with its castle and park. A 30 minute walk along the canal will take you up to the palace where you can take a gondola ride, just like the old kings and queens used to.

The Botanical Gardens can be found right at the border of the park.

When you visit the city center in the evening or at night there are equally fun things to do. Munich’s Nightwatch Tour will take you on an adventurous walking tour and tell you tales and anecdotes about the old city. Or you could watch the stars from the observatory in the Deutsches Museum. Walking up the observatory tower you can enjoy a great night view and observe celestial objects through telescopes.



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